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By Plane

Commercial flights between Ulaanbaatar and the Aimag Capital of Murun provide for quick and easy access to Lake Hovsgol. Murun is a 110-kilometer drive on a recently-paved road from the village of Hatgal at the park’s southern entrance.

By Car

The park’s main entrances are located in the villages of Hatgal and Hankh soum. Drivers usually enter from Hatgal side, which is 890 km from Ulaanbaatar. Access to the village of Hankh and the northern region of the Parks is mainly across the Russia/Mongolia border, which is located about 30 km north of Hankh. A very primitive road runs along the east side of the Lake and provides a way for determined travelers to make the rigorous trip between the north and south regions of the Park.

Limited bus service connects all areas of the Park with Ulaanbaatar.

Entry fees are collected seasonally at entrance station located near Hatgal and north of Hankh.

Inside the Park, accommodations and meals are provided at a variety of ger camps and guest houses. Most are located in the southern portion of the Park along the Jankhai Pass and Huzuuvch Roads adjacent to the southwestern shore of the Lake. Additional ger camps are available along the southeastern shore and around the Village of Hankh at the north end of the Lake. Reservations should be made in advance with individual camps. A list of ger camps is available from

Outside the Park, in the gateway villages of Hatgal and Hankh, more ger camps and guest houses are available. Commercial services that can be found around Hatgal include horse-back touring, bike and kayak rental, basic camping and other supplies, gasoline, and souvenir shops. More limited services ara available in Hankh.

Several international tour operators will provide travel to and accommodations at Lake Hovsgol, or include a visit to the Park as part of a more extensive tour in Mongolia. 

Welcome to Lake Hovsgol National Park! In 1992, the Mongolian government established Lake Hovsgol National Park, which covers 2.5 million acres—bigger than Yellowstone National Park. The park has 15 permanent and a few seasonal rangers, who patrol hundreds of square miles, day and night, with very little in the way of park resources. There have been incidents where poachers have attacked the rangers, and other times when wild animals have injured them. But they still go out everyday to protect the lake for all of us.