In collaboration with the Environmental Fellowship Program of Zorig Foundation, MEC started Lake Hovsgol – “I can Love” campaign. “I can Love” campaign worked with 9 prominent celebrities of Mongolia to raise awareness about Lake Hovsgol. The campaign video broadcast in Murun (capital of Hovsgol aimag) and in public squares in Ulaanbaatar, about every 10 minutes for a week. Some 1500 “I can Love” campaign stickers (in Mongolian and English) were distributed with the Daily Newspaper and 5000 stickers were handed out to the public in Hovsgol aimag and Ulaanbaatar (Annex 10, 11).

On July 6, 2013, MEC organized the “Celebration of Mother Sea: I can Love” event on the lakeshore of Lake Hovsgol. More than 200 people including local authorities, businesses community members and tourists participated in the event to honor and celebrate the beauty of the Lake.   The significance of this event was enhanced by the attendance of European Union Ambassador to China and Mongolia, Dr. Markus Ederer. Honorary guests singer S. Naran and singer O. Uyanga performed their song about “Mother Sea” to the audience. Later the song was donated to MEC to contribute in raising awareness about the Lake and singer S. Naran became an official MEC Ambassador for the cause.